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In an increasingly globalized world, learning and mastering a new language is not only a necessary requirement for any professional profile, but also contributes to the growth and development of individuals, improving their decision making and analytical skills. Being aware of this situation, Universidad Mondragón México, through its language department, offers students a range of courses that allow them to start, improve or master the English language and learn other languages such as French, German, Chinese and in accordance with the standards of the inclusive agenda, also offer students the possibility of studying Mexican Sign Language.

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To train citizens of the world who possess the linguistic and cultural tools to stand out from the global competition.




Our methodology focuses on solving problems and situations of global interest (PBL) so students are able to apply critical thinking while working as a team and preparing to be proficient in the language.
Learning another language is like becoming another person
Haruki Murakami


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Eduardo Cruz Hernández
Coordinador del Departamento de Idiomas
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